Wednesday, September 19, 2012

happy nuggets, year 1 alternately: Top That, Year 2

those nights when you come home utterly defeated (exhaustion-wise, when you have personal things to do but they won't happen, but you cannot move, when you have physically and mentally accomplished so much in a day that you are now a shell) and want to smoke yourself into a coma // when things seem pointless but that's the point // finding a position in which my impatience is beneficial rather than detrimental // when dissatisfaction is channeled into betterment // when my notebooks sat empty all summer with all the time in the world to fill them but now that my time is not free they beg for attention // thank god for every frivolous summer minute of laying together and shaping clouds cause right now opposite schedules is the worst

coming up those stairs, and collapsing into arms and he brought me a fruit tart and all these little tiny things seem so much bigger when you realize how much you count on them

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