Sunday, March 21, 2010

things i have learned in the past 48 hours

- pulled pork is the best meal of any time of day
- i love texas
- music? whatever
- 18 Budweisers cost $14
- holly and i threw the best sxsw unofficial party in the history of unofficial parties (actuially)
- MAn in the Mirror is MJ's greatest hit
- i am fucking hammered right now
- two coffees is $3.01. weird? yes
- there is a goat -- who was pardoned by the governor of texas -- who lives two houses over
- the wooden sky remains my favourite toronto band
- fish tacos are gross, chicken tacos fell right out of heaven
- there is no hot water in our shower
- Elliott Brood is the best band ever
- So is Lucero and JTE, and ESPECIALLY, so is free wooden spoonds
- if you hit a wooden spoon against your leg for two hours straight, you will have MASSIVE black bruises
- our neighbours are from nashville, and they are the best human beings in existence
- free booze is always the best time in the world
- except for free, self-grilled hot dogs over the fire
- record company parties with the Trews singing are 100% better if you sing michael jackson louder
- texas is SO COLD HOLY FUCK
- basketball SUUUUUCKS
- Party Turtle is so much more responsible than you
- if you wanna make the world a better place, you've gotta look at yourself and then MAKE. A. CHANGE.
- if you have a chance to hang out IN a creek, you have the golden key to the best life

8 hours, drinking in a creek, singing michael jackson, playing chatroulette, eating a million tacos, seeing your favourite band play, dancing to the can't be more amazing.

I wish I could stay here forever. Just like every other place I visit, this place is home immediately.

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