Sunday, March 21, 2010

There is a rock in my foot.

S'what I get for taking off my shoes on a gravel road, I guess.

Telling you guys about my rock-foot problem is just another way in which I am procrastinating cutting my foot open and digging it out. It's really the worst. And it's right on the ball of my foot, too, so trying to pretend it's not there and carrying about my business really isn't an option. The whole thing is extra frustrating because there's some pancake party happening right now, and I really want to eat a million free pancakes, but instead I am typing nonsense to avoid pulling a stone out from my skin.

Last night we went to a party catered by Taco Bell, so in addition to my rock-foot, I also have some pretty swell heartburn going on. Did I need to eat 4 burritos? Probably not. But was I happy to do so? You know it. Also I drank two RedBulls in rapid succession in an attempt to stay awake, but eventually not even the lure of more T. Bell was enough to keep me standing, and I promptly went home (to the trailer) and fell asleep immediately. It was one of the coldest days ever in Austin yesterday, and as such, I woke up this morning wearing all of my clothes. Like...extra t-shirts, a cardigan, shorts on top of my pants, and a hoodie. I sleep-dressed myself, I guess, in an attempt to stave off the chill.

My hair looks like it got into a fight with something (probably the case) and I smell like what a bison probably smells like.

My favourite thing so far about being here is that tacos are just filled with meat. No one is cramming any lettuce or tomato or onion on there. It is a straight up corn tortilla (all of them freshly made and delicious beyond belief and reason) and it is jam-packed with the most well-seasoned meat. I was wary at first (where is my filling, you know? I felt a bit robbed) but that was ill-placed concern. The quality of food is unreal (I wish someone would bring me some food right now).

Also, our neighbours just came over to the trailer, and here is the exact conversation.

"Hi......are you awake?"
"Yes. There is a rock in my foot."
"I think I broke a rib. Look, seriously, look at this."


Okay. It is time. We are going to soak my foot in water and then slice it open with the haphazard medical supplies we found in their house. Despite the fact that we're going to use a butterknife to do this, there is, at least, a bandaid.

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