Sunday, May 12, 2013

Two months ago, I lost my boyfriend and left my job.

With nothing to anchor me to the city, I left for Thailand within three days.

It was not a thing I ever thought I would do -- there was a) no plan, b) no agenda, c) it seemed ridiculous and d) there was no plan.

Ridiculous things are a daily occurrence in my life (generally of the endearing sort), but this was far-fetched. I came home and left the next day for Southern California. From there I flew to Vegas.

When I got home from Vegas, I cabbed directly to Kristal's house where my best girls were already well into their evening plans. We drank, we danced, I kissed a stranger, we ate cheese bagels. 12 hours after arriving home in Toronto, Kristal and I left for Chicago & Wisconsin on a little roadtrip.

With a now dwindling savings account, Juelz returned to home, and 42 million new friends whom I didn't even know existed just a few weeks ago, it is time to settle back into real life, and maybe in doing so realize the phenomenal amount of freedom which can be borne from loss.

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