Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Man, you know how weird it is to run into someone you hung out with a lot a lot a lot for like a few months a handful of years ago?

Like, the dude you were dating's roommate or roommate's girlfriend. Or some other arrangement of those relationships. Or like, your super platonic bud that wound up single at the same time as you for a little while? Or the coworker of a good friend who needed a place to crash for like, three weeks but really five weeks but actually seven-and-a-half?

And then whatever frail but frequent bond you had disappears for whatever reason and you don't hang out and then you bump into them in Chinatown in the rain and it's like uhhhh....ahhhh....heyyyyyy...but then just before you're fully committed to the awkward inconvenient small-talk about what you've been up to these last couple years, you're just like 'lets get outta the rain and grab a drink' and then actually have the greatest time catching up and half-gossiping and sharing genuine opinions of past events and laughing outrageously.

PMA poster child these days.

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