Saturday, June 30, 2012

20 hours

Land --> unpack --> laundry --> repack --> contain bedroom in boxes --> move 8000 things to Tyler's --> hand off apartment keys --> quick evening hangs with da budz (what?) --> back on plane --> Paris.

Fast forward to when I rejoin Toronto for a city summer, because I can't wait for lazy days with homemade popsicles, bike rides along the waterfront, picnics, bbq's, tie dye days, and Mai Tai's on the roof (get it? GET IT?).

In unrelated news, I know we're all into "natural" and "thick" eyebrows and whatever, but as someone whose body hair grows in completely white (seriously) and has to dye their eyebrows, could we maybe just relax? My eyebrows can't make a statement, okay? Just getting them to be noticeable is work enough - they have been relegated to mere facial component. I flip you the tiniest bird, fashion industry, for this continued aesthetic disparity.

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