Tuesday, May 3, 2011

you wanna be, you gotta be.

I'm excited for the first Island of the season, and how near/far we go in a year.

Today was a day of $1 beer, $2 tacos, $11 vintage and $30 bike rentals. This city is so flat, it's shocking how it remains so unfriendly to cyclists.

My dress is made of blanket and I have fallen in love with the fictionalization of J.R. Oppenheimer.

You handsome, destructive devil, you.

I was recommended this book for all the wrong reasons, but I couldn't be happier it wound up in my lap. It is so delicately, graciously, intelligently written. Every turn of the page elicits a shockingly accidental smile, and I am taking my time with it lest it end too soon (which it will, anyway). Pick it up. Then lets get coffee.

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