Monday, March 14, 2011

hello, little buds!


I'm in the process of trading in my coffee addiction for a less intense appreciation for tea. I am no photographer (had you noticed?) so you don't get to see the really cool looking honey-licorice tea a super sweet fella picked up for me, but boy howdy I bet you'd like to be here to drink it! True to form, I had to stock up on accessories for My New Thing, so now there are these cool little tea balls on the steamer trunk (and conversations with Roomie can quit going like this "Do we have a pizza cutter?" "Do you honestly think I have a pizza cutter?" "Well, I don't know. You have a cupcake decorating set and four different kinds of cheese knife, but I guess nothing that you might actually have need to use on a regular basis.")* just hanging out, ready to infuse some flavour into my hot water.

Post-accessory purchase, I stopped in at the Pocket and grabbed a double Americano (but not a steps, right?) and then sat in Christie Pitts for some sweet people and dog watchin'. Coffee and a park bench, hello spring!

*In some senses, I really have the best prepared kitchen in the world. Do you need a decorative platter? How about fondue pokers? Melon baller? Marinating brush? Absolutely -- which style/length/width would you like? We've got options. But I hope you don't need a can opener or thermometer, or measuring cups, because we are fresh out!

On that note, I had to defend my lack of measuring spoons the other day till I was blue in the face. This accusation that I am not a real baker will not stand! The more you use certain ingredients, the more familiar you are with eyeing the correct size. Sure, sometimes I over-vanilla or under-cinnamon a recipe, but never catastrophically. Intuitive baking!

Continuing my oddly prepared kitchen, IWANTALLOFTHESE. I bet you everything would taste so much better on a proper cake stand.

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